What is Little Blog Dress?

Little Blog Dress is a social media marketing company that helps your business to sustain relationships with your existing customers while building awareness and attracting new consumers to your brand using Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Online Reviews and more.

By hiring us to maintain your social network, this will free your time to focus on your day to day business. We pay attention to the customers that you’ve worked so hard to attract, so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to cultivate relationships with those who have the potential to become long term, loyal customers. We also keep your business top of mind inexpensively in a concise non-traditional way ensuring business growth.

If you have a business, we can show you how we can be added to your marketing mix easily, inexpensively and creatively. If you have an agency, Little Blog Dress and its services can be added under your umbrella giving your existing clients another opportunity to be marketed socially.This is not a trend; it is not a fad, but it is essential for you to do it the right way to put yourself ahead of your competition.

Public Relations
As a client of LBD, we will be on the constant lookout for events including media opportunities, special events, and assistance with the area’s best marketing partners that will benefit your campaign. There are a lot of opportunities for your business that you can take advantage of, kind of like your eyes and ears on the Media Street!

Online Review Maintenance
LBD will make sure your business can be searched and reviewed through local business guides such as Google Places, Foursquare, Yelp.com, Urban Spoon, etc. These integrated applications were made for area businesses to add loyalty and brand businesses.

This is the new yellow pages. Its word of mouth, but online. Little Blog Dress will help you set up and maintain your account. The benefit is double fold, when someone is searching for you via an online review site, the amount of positive reviews your business has will make it more attractive. You can also use the positive reviews as testimonials on your website, facebook, fliers, etc. for future marketing efforts.

Initial Setup and regular maintenance including but not limited to: adding friends to profile, using search engine to add existing customers to profile, updating calendar, updating status, posting local news, posting special events. This will enhance your business’s image online socially, not only with existing customers, but new prospects within the business community as many businesses also have Facebook pages. Content on Facebook can include: upcoming events, tips within your business category, all while keeping your business top of mind in a subliminal way

The blog becomes the centerpiece of all of your social media interactions. It is possible to participate in social media without using a blog, but the purpose is to create great content and then maximize its effectiveness. Using a blog as the centerpiece of your social media interactions has the following advantages: You (not the social media companies) keep ownership of the materials written. You control the format, look and feel, and context of the material. Using a blog with your platforms maximizes brand name awareness by keeping all of your social marketing consistent. Blogs generate an RSS feed, which is searched by news organizations. LBD will set up and regular maintain of a blog.

A Twitter account will be set up that will back up your Facebook efforts and will be used as a tool to listen and converse with your customers.

Monthly Email Newsletter
Many companies benefit from word of mouth from their existing client base. Sending monthly newsletters will keep your business top of my mind in a non evasive way. We work with a reputable company that will send a monthly newsletter with the latest happenings, new menu items, entertainment news, recipe of the month etc. LBD will maintain and build your email database. We will also have the capability to separate these emails into different groups. After every time the newsletter goes out any bad emails will be cleaned up to maintain a current database at all times.


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