Get A-Listed

All your marketing efforts will be wasted if you aren't listed properly online. Little Blog Dress will set you up, monitor your progress and get you A-listed!

Set-Up includes:

Google Places and Yelp Setup ~Foursquare, Urban Spoon, etc (if applicable) Set Up

When you search online for your business, ideally you should have your own listing within Google. Little Blog Dress will set up this feature for you. Once this feature is in place and future customers Google “Your business category in Daytona Beach, FL” or “Name of your Business” your business will look professional and desirable. See example below.

There is more information that you can put on your Google Places page that can increase your search engine optimization. You also need to make sure that your business is “claimed”, updated and monitored on Facebook Places, Foursquare, Yelp, Urban Spoon etc etc. LBD will make sure your business can be searched and reviewed through these local business channels.

Facebook Set-Up

Initial Setup includes adding business information and pictures, adding “likes” from other businesses in the area that are applicable, a plug on Little Blog Dress’s Facebook Fan Page and one training session how to learn how to use Facebook properly.

Blog Set Up

A Blog’s first goal is to raise your brand awareness when someone Googles your business name or business category + area, i.e. automotive in Daytona. The blog becomes the centerpiece of all of your social media interactions. It is possible to participate in social media without using a blog, but the purpose is to create great content and then maximize its effectiveness. You control the format, look and feel, and context of the material. Using a blog with your platforms maximizes brand name awareness by keeping all of your social marketing consistent. This is one of the greatest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) successes. This is also a quick fix for a website, or an electronic medium that can be updates regularly.

Set-up includes complete Set Up for Blog to match website or existing website. LBD can also assist buying a domain and forwarding the blog. One training session how to blog, and assistance how to get your blog on your existing website.

Twitter Set Up

A Twitter account will be set up that will back up your Facebook efforts and will be used as a tool to listen and converse with your customers. Search Terms will be set up and any tweets mentioning your business or related terms will be engaged.

Set-up includes, initial setup completion of profile with picture and information, and adding local people to follow to Twitter profile. This set-up also includes a training session how to Tweet.


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