THIS is how you do business.

When I have five seconds to myself, I will write about how I booked, planned and lived my trip to Washington DC using social media. But this instance deserves its own post.

We stayed at the St. Gregory Hotel. Apparently, during the week is more expensive to stay in DC due to obvious business done there. I mean triple, quadruple than on the weekend. Further, I couldnt find a 3-4 star hotel for under $300 a night and you know I know how to look. After my TENTH day staring at Kayak making all kinds of crazy maneuvers this hotel appeared out of nowhere. They have so many options for Hotel Deals, it took me a while to figure out which awesome deal to take. Long Story longer, $168 average a night 4 stars, SOLD.

We get there about 8pm, exhausted, flight weary and tired and I told the lady who checked us in just that. She then said well how about I upgrade you? Room was great, service was great, was fun. PERFECT LOCATION in Georgetown. We decided to eat on Saturday night, the service was great-food not so much.

When I cam home, I received an email from the Hotel asking about stay via an online survey. I said everything was great and when it got to the food, I was honest, wasnt mean just said the food wasn't great. Today CHECK this out! I received an email from the president of the Hotel.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the poor experience at our MStreet Bar and Grill. Rest assured that I have spoken to the Chef and our Food and Beverage director about your comments and feel confident that this does not repeat itself.

Should your travels bring you back to the Nation’s Capital feel free to contact us and we certainly will make this up to you.


Jay Haddock

This is how you do business and I will recommend this hotel to EVERYONE I know. It was too good not to share!
The St. Gregory Hotel is located at 2033 M Street, NW Washington, DC 20036 (202) 530-3600 phone


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