Review: My love affair with my new Ipad

If you didn't know- Megan and I are computer nerds disguised as fashionistas. Its almost embarrassing how completely geeked out we get when we figure out how to do something new, or easier etc with any computer or graphics program. We are addicted to our iPhones and the technology that comes with it. When the Ipad fever hit, we looked at it lightly...aside from our iPhone we are PC girls at heart. I eventually decided with a shrug...looks cool but maybe I should get a net book instead so I don't have to lug around my computer during meetings with our clients. Then reading more and more fabulous reviews, I thought maybe just maybe that I would go to Best Buy and make a decision.

I wish I had set a timer from the time I picked up the Ipad to the time I got that feeling...that heart pounding in your throat I have to have it right now or I will die feeling. So, I consulted the other half of my brain (Megan). Now, she has not touched this thing yet, and I am quoting her so I can go SEE WHAT YOU WROTE, when she becomes an addict like me!


"Its a waste of money upfront. Wait a few months to get rid of the kinks"


"You have a kindle"

"And a brand new computer"

"$500 is a lot to spend right now"

If this gives you any indication on how cool this thing is, I shut my phone off and told the sales guy GO GET ME ONE!

Now, for some quick thoughts, I went ahead and got the WiFi because I figured well, I have 3G on my iphone and a computer so I dont really need it (see....being savvy!). I also bought the least amount of gigs because I mean how much am I gonna put on here??

The screen brilliance is just that-brilliant, its gorgeous. The neat thing is I was able to use my Itunes to put applications on my Ipad that I have on my Iphone. The battery life is amazing! Why didnt they do this with the Iphone, I have been playing with it for 10 hours and I am only at 75%.

A neat thing about the Ipad is that when you are on your cell you get accustomed to just dealing with the mobile version or application of whatever scaled down version of the full fledged website. The internet access on the Ipad is full fledged and Lightening McQueen fast! Its unbelievable how quickly these pages load.

The calendar is AWESOME. I wish they would somehow have this format for the Iphone. Major props to ABC for providing a FREE app that looks exactly like their website and plays ALL their shows. Ditto to Netflix, I was watching The Proposal 90 seconds after I logged in to my account. I am still investigating how Word and PDFs will best be received on here. There are a lot more hours that will spent figuring all that out, but right now I highly suggest you run not walk and pick this up for your next toy. It will make many careers easier: Sales, Real Estate, and Lawyers to name a few.

So I am impressed, if there was anything that I could wish for is that Microsoft comes to the plate soon. I don't have time to learn another word processing system. Flash would be ideal...and I am sure the kinks will be worked out, which by the way dear Bestie Megan...its 2010, they will just send me an update or a patch if something goes whacky! Its not the lightest thing on the planet, based on its size. I was a little surprised at that. The apps that are specially made for the Ipad are a little pricey but I anticipate that to come down after the dust settles.


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