Boohoo to you Uncle Sam-I'm getting Free Starbucks Coffee today!

I am one of those strange people that do their taxes the minute I get my W2's. This year, however, I got busy and lazy and finally had a tiny inkling of the stress that can be associated with making the date as I scurried Tuesday night to finish and submit via Turbo Tax.

Wish I could pinpoint the first business who was brilliant enough to reward the American people on April 15th with some free goodies. Everyone likes a break and today seems like a good day to be granted one. If you have a business, you already have the news and the papers and all other forms of marketing helping you promote today. To be rewarded or to be relieved of stress on April 15th needs little explanation . Although my newest obsession Foursquare is holding its namesake promotion tomorrow, how do you explain this concept to so many people who aren't obsessed with the newest and greatest things online and socially like I am?? I think we are a little ways away for the general public to respond to that as successfully as they will to the warm and fuzzy Tax Day Promotions that resonates with the young and the old.

Below are some specials that you can take advantage of today on Tax Day. Americans, congratulations-we made it through another year, what are you gonna spend your refund on??

Starbucks is giving away fresh brewed coffee to anyone who comes in on April 15, 2010 with a re-usable travel mug. Their website does not say that it has to be a Starbucks mug, so grab whatever one you have and stop over on Tax Day!

Some other great tax day freebies are:

McDonalds is giving away various items like McCafes, Big Macs and Egg McMuffins based on where each store is located. Head to your local McDonalds for a great tax day freebie!

Dunkin’ Donuts will be giving away a free donut with each purchase of a coffee, and Cinnabon will give away 2 free cupcake bites to each customer.

Click here for some more Tax Day Specials!


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